Merry Christmas

Hi everyone,

Currently still with family enjoying the christmas days. Christchurch was good fun, saw the old house and took the bus through the neighbourhood.
Also went to my old school and walked through the grounds which brought up good memories.

Currently we have a great view of the countryside and mount gray. which is nice to see in the morning, we spent a while in the sun on the roof which is great, especially when I see its cold at home raspberry

Tomorrow we’ll be taking a 5 to 8 hour drive up to Nelson to see family, there we are going to stay for two days then we’ll be heading back down the west coast.

Well take care for now and i’ll update once back here smile

New Zealand

Its strange being back, I saw Christchurch for the first time in 13 years yesterday. Everywhere I see things I remember, and other times I ask myself if I remember that from when I was 13 or was it from a photo? We walked around the Cathedral in Christchurch yesterday and did some shopping. We even stopped at Starbucks for a hot chocolate. Tomorrow we’re going to see more of christchurch hopefully the good weather will hold. We plan on going punting and taking the tram around the city center. We are currently at family enjoying the countryside and recovering from the jet lag.


We took the bikes back and decided to go checkout Alcatraz which was closed on the sunday, so we got tickets for Monday. After doing that we walked to Lombard Street and saw how san francisco makes a road into a tourist attraction, one with a really great view of San Francisco. The we walked back to the Hostel via Hyde and Sacremento and saw the grace cathedral which looked a bit like the Notre Dame in paris. The Next day we took the F line to Pier 33 to go to Alcatraz, hopped on the Boat and 10 minutes later we were watching a movie about the history of the Island, did you know it was used by families and that families actually lived next to the Prision? We also did the Audio tour of the Cell block which was a scary experience, made it sound pretty real… All in all it was a fun Experience and the whole time we had good weather.

Hostel life

As a nice chillout tune comes from the speakers in the common room, we’re gradually waking up from our first night in the hostel and we will soon go out for breakfast and of course hot drinks at starbucks. We both slept well and are thinking of going to fishermans wharf today and hiring a bike. Then we’ll bike over the golden gate bridge to sausalito. From there we’ll take the ferry back to fishermans wharf.

———- so many hours later———

Its now 9:12pm and we’re back in the hostel, we walled all the way to fishermans wharf and found a place for breakfast for $8,95 ( at 12:05 ) went and sat down and found out they no longer served brekkie, so we continued on our walk looking for food. Eventually we decided to get a hotdog which was nice. After walking around and getting souvenirs we walked futher along the water… Eventaully we found a place where we could hire a bike which we did and then went off in the general direction of the golden gate bridge, taking heaps of pictures along the way smile after crossing the bridge it took us a while to find the bike route but after following a bunch of others we got back on track. Before we knew it we we’re racing down the hill towards the ferry which was just leaving…

After a hot chocolate and 20 minutes we hopped on the ferry. Got back to pier 1 a biked back to the hostel. Yes we took our bikes up three flights of stairs because it was after closing time…

In a minute we’ll be going out for drinks which should be fun smile

Excitement and Forgetfulness

Because of this stress and trying not to forget anything you forget stuff anyway.. as struck me tonight on the eve of our trip that i had forgotton to bring my creditcard along with me from home. Luckly I have a little brother and mother that are willing to help me in this moment (they are now in the car on their way here). Well for now i’ll leave it at this, you’ll be hearing from me when I experience another mind blowing moment. Until then.. adios and take care smile