Unity Cornell Box

For anyone interested in the Cornell Box and rendering it this is my attempt at it in Unity…
First of all I acquired the geometry for the cornell box from the site in 3DS Max exported it as a FBX file (available below) then opened up Unity3D. Using a the jpeg available from the site.

Creating The Cornell Box

I placed that next to the camera view of the scene for comparison. After actually figuring out that I needed a lightmap UV on my model, it started working and I could tweak settings. (In the FBX Importer turn on Generate Lightmapping UV’s)
By creating a plane with a self illumination shader and setting the light emission to 40, beast started producing some nice results. (for starters keeping ambient occlusion off for baking speed)

Render Comparison

After some tweaking and about 20 lightmaps later… I came up with this:

Which is the rendered Unity image?


(p.s. Mouse over the image for answer)

Resource Files

If your looking for the project files Tadaaaa…:
CornellBox Package (1155 downloads)
CornellBox Model FBX (1159 downloads)

If you like this please comment and i’ll do more of this kinda thing.

[Update] Added Project Package and FBX File [/Update]

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5 thoughts on “Unity Cornell Box”

  1. Hey, just wanted to let you know I appreciate your cornell box package. Should let me experiment with Beast mapping inside Unity for many bakes to come.

  2. hi,
    how can you get the cornell box in 3ds max from data of cornell-graphics-website?
    or in other words, how can you import data of cornell-graphics-website into 3dmax?

  3. Hi,

    this looks cool. I need a Cornell Box in Unity for a project at the University and would like to download it but it seems like the link is down. Is the download moved to another location? It would be a big help if you could make it available again 🙂

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