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Hello Again,

In an earlier post of mine about WebGL I describe a few methods to enable WebGL on a Mac (Safari) the reason I did this was to view a few interesting shaders.. (is now ShaderToy.com) Now comes the cool part..
I actually got those same GLSL shaders I wanted to view running in Unity (yes for me that is a big thing).. Check out a few of these screenshots I took… It wont be long now and I may even integrate them into Image Effects on Cameras..
If only I didn’t suck at math so much I’d be able to write these kinds of shaders myself. I think I should write-up a tutorial of some kind on how to do this basic conversion to give people a starting point, let me know what you think.

Take a look and take care.

Here’s a Link to the Unity Shaders based on the Shader Toy Shaders: [Download not found]

For the Mecury fans [if you want to join in on this project let me know]:

hg clone https://bitbucket.org/ikriz/unity-shaders

More On the Subject:



Of course credits are by all means due to the creators of the shaders: Adrian Boeing, Auld, Danguafer/Silexars, Lars Huttar, L.Mallet, Mic, Psycho/Loonies, Paulo Falcao, Simon Green/NVidia, Tigrou, Viktor Korsun, W.Yutani, XT95/FRequency, xTr1m/BluFlame and iq/rgba (from shader toy site)

10 thoughts on “Unity GLSL Shaders”

  1. Hi there!

    I like to know more about how you maked the WebGL shaders run in Unity? I am currently trying to convert this tunnel shader to Unity3D:


    But I am not sure if I have to rewrite the shader syntax or if I can import WebGL shaders into Unity3D – can you answer that?

    I would also appreciate if you would share your Unity3D shaders – that would make the post much more valuable and attract commments šŸ™‚


    1. Thanks for the comment and the link as well, it definitely explains the process well šŸ™‚
      I’ll post the collection of shaders I converted. They currently do require Unity to be running in OpenGL mode [at least for windows it does… on mac it works for sure].

  2. Thanks, that is just great! The shaders will come in handy as references for my next project.

  3. Hey man, great work, appreciate you sharing. This may be a little noobish, but how do I get your shaders to work in Unity on windows?

    Any help would be ace, cheers

  4. Would love to know how you converted these shaders into unity, the very least have a link to the original shaders so we can compare the two.

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