Rant: Kettle Usability Issue

We have a bad kettle… it has been designed poorly. When we boil some water and it’s almost at 100 degrees lets say to save time/energy you pick it up before it has “clicked off” because the water is hot enough anyway.. You pour your required amount of water and put the electric kettle back in its holder and it continues right where it left off… wasting electricity trying to boil the rest of the remaining (if not empty) water… this kind of issue is something small but how hard can it be to discontinue an interrupted process. It would save energy even 🙂

Ascending on Ascension day

We took the car into The Hague to go to the Uithof. It’s basically a big recreation center where you can go ice skating, go karting, snowboarding and climbing. We got there and had to wait a little for the first time introduction course which was a simple introduction as to how to secure the climber and such. The material was a little different to that in Australia but all in all it was good fun. We both climbed to the top a few times, while my sister did the photography. Around dinner time we headed back home to have dinner of course (duh), so with our worn muscles I drove us back home and now we wait for tomorrow to see if any pain strikes…
Ascending on ascension day resulted in us getting to the top and just going back down again, I guess the rule what goes up must come down still applies here smile

Vliegstress op Singapore

Jaja, onverwacht maar toch gekomen nog een kleine update van onze status. Zoals jullie zouden weten zouden wij inmiddels richting London moeten vliegen maar wij zitten vast in Singapore.

Gisteravond met het inchecken op Melbourne een hoop gezeik. …

Sunny Australia, really?

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We have now been in australia for a couple of weeks and have travelled from Brisbane to Sydney, and will soon be travelling to Melbourne. Brisbane was rather wet and rainy we we’re going to go to Fraser Island but because of all the bad weather, even Surfers Paradise was stormy, we decided to head down to sydney where it is sunny.  We have been all over sydney already seeing places like Bondi Beach, The Opera House and the Power House Museum. In The Powerhouse Museum we saw a Star Wars Exhibition which was interesting. We had one fine day in Surfers Paradise so we walked along the beach and went into the center of town, I went up the Q1 building to the 77th floor within 40 seconds which is certainly a difference in pressure. Got alot of photos of a very nice view. Now currently in Sydney we are having a good time seeing the place and on wednsday we will be going to Melbourne. in another 10 days we will be back in holland… thats strange to say but its good to know its getting sunny at home.


The North Island

We have been to Wellington, Palmerston North, Napier, Taupo and Rotorua. After Rotorua we saw Tauranga which is a very nice place, in Tauranga we hired a car and drove to the Coromandel. There we got alot of nice pictures and saw great beaches. We’ve also been to Mount Maunganui (yes that’s a mouthful). From Tauranga we took the bus at 7:50am to Hamilton where we now are located at the Eagles Nest, a cosy hostel in the center of Hamilton.
We’ll keep you posted…

Going North

Hello Everyone,

Currently we are in Napier, enjoying really sunny weather (finally we have sun again). After christchurch we went towards Kaikoura, there I went whale watching in a sea sickmaking sea.. after that we headed up north to picton where we stayed one night at atlantis backpackers which wasn’t the best hostel ever but it was just for one night.
Then we took the Interislander to Wellington where we had a good time eventhough the weather wasn’t the best ever, I’ve been to the movies many a time, and saw the beehive, cable car and botanic gardens there. The gardens were really nice I have a few pictures of them which I shall try to upload. We stayed with family in Palmerston North which was nice, we played our first real game of Golf Croquet in which I got my butt kicked, I also went for a relaxing swim in the local pool which was superbly relaxing. Now we are in Napier and will be going to the marine park and viewing the sights to see… but first we attack starbucks!
Take care whatever the temperature is wink

p.s. Sweet As, Bro, Fush & Chups just for your daily fix of kiwi slang raspberry

Last Days in Christchurch

We have now been to Dunedin, Queenstown, Wanaka, Lake Tekapo and Hanmer Springs. I likes Queenstown alot… well basically it was all good but queenstown had something to it… Touristy place yes, but still nice location and active.
Dunedin was a nice place to see nature, we saw Albatrosses, Sea Lions, Seals and Penguins. Wanaka was a fun timeout spot there we went to puzzeling world and got lost in the maze. I also went for a walk up Mt. Iron which was good fun, I had a few nice views from the top. Lake Tekapo was a really good place for stargazing which was awesome to see Saturn up close through a rather large telescope, one i’d like to have at home. Of course today we also had a good time at Hanmer Springs, sat and soaked in the Hot Pools.

Well i’ll update again in Kaikoura , Take care for now wink