2015… YAY!

Yes folk… Yet Another Year has come to our door and by gosh aren’t we all looking forward to it. So it’s that time again where I post a yearly happy new year post and tell you all to enjoy it as much as you can, whether you do or not is entirely in your hands. Some of you may have the best of intentions for the new year others may not, either way I’m going to spill a few of my intentions for this year.

#1) More blog posts. Eventually this is for me, myself and I, we’d all like to have a blog with more than just happy new year posts.

#2) Will continue posting unity tips & tricks

#3) will probably have some parenting related posts in the future

#4) Did I say more blog posts?

If I have any more great idea’s I’ll be sure to write a post about it, although I’m not going to commit to a “I’ll post once a week” but there is a goal in there somewhere.
I’m gonna leave it a that for now Happy New Year and hopefully I’ll get back here with something useful to say.

Unity Development

At work I’m currently working on a big simulator (using Unity3D) for nautical stuff. If time allows it I’ll post more unity related content and play my part in the Unity3D community. Keep an eye on this site in the next two months or so and there should be more here (if not you can kick me)..
I really should update this site this time last year I was building a new layout so I guess I should finish it and get it up and running once and for all..!!!?!?!?!?

Return of the iKriz Gallery

Well I hope you enjoy the images, I hope it doesn’t get too big so I dont have to remove it again otherwise it may be handy to move it somewhere else in the future but I’ll do that when I get there.. for now its staying put. Checkout the photos from our world trip. If there are any requests or comments feel free smile have fun !

Link to Gallery

Switched Pages

For me, ExpressionEngine makes templating and creating plugins a whole lot easier than the complex Typo3. Because of this i decided to make the step to EE. It makes publishing on the web feel more natural. (that’s my wefeelfine.org sentence lets see if it actually comes up there).
Only a few more days till we leave to London and then California follow my travels on the following sites:
iKriz.nl Travels
Kris & Bridget Travels (Dutch Site)

Site Content

It has finally happend, I’ve placed various content i’ve made on my site, gradually I hope to build up more of a portfolio. I also now have a working news system (finally figured out how it works).. i’m working on a commenting system and blog etc.. all in good time. Thats it for now i’ll do my best to keep this up to date.